Course Overview

Are you frustrated with the lack of commitment from students?

Do you find yourself losing interest or motivation teaching in your current situation?

Are you just getting started teaching and not sure how this course can help you?

In this course, my goal is to help you determine which business model is right for you and your situation. I want you to gain the tools you need to design the most effective business model that supports your artistic vision and promotes your teaching goals.

I have taught in just about every type of venue and for every type of audience since 1999. I have been a sole-proprietor, an employee, an independent contractor, and currently an LLC. I have earned as little at $15 per class, to as much as $100 per class. I have taught (and still do) teach as a contractor in fitness centers. I have been an employee of the local government teaching at the community centers. I have been a sole-proprietor renting studio space, sometimes in five different locations.

Because I have taught in many different situations and diverse audiences, I have built great relationships in my community in the last fifteen years with students and enthusiasts, community leaders, and business owners. And I have learned a lot about what works and what does not. I have also learned that each of these situations has its unique benefits and disadvantages.

In the detailed sections of this course we will go over the most common opportunities and situations you will encounter as a belly dance teacher. You will have an opportunity to evaluate your goals, and I will help you identify which scenarios and situations are compatible. At the end this course, you will be able to approach new opportunities to teach belly dance, more informed and empowered.

If you’re ready to get started, grab a pen and your BDBA notebook and click forward to the next section.