Key concepts used in my classes.

Here are a few terms that I use in my lesson plans that may be new to you or may need clarification:

Most of my lessons are built on the formula of set up, exercise and reflection. The set up is where you (the teacher) explain the task ahead. The exercise is the activity. Reflection is the time when you ask your student about what they learnt. Reflection is not about getting “yes” and “no” answers so much as asking the dancers to think more deeply about their dance. For most sections I have suggested questions for reflection. As the teacher, you should be aware of guiding these reflections – avoid too much negativity or any type of personal attacks.

These three steps (set up, exercise and reflection) are repeated throughout each lesson.

In the simplest terms:

Teacher sets up the students by asking for 10 hip drops on either side.

The students complete the exercise by dropping their hip 10 times on each side.

The teacher asks “how does it feel to do 10 hip drops?” and the students reflect on their emotional and physical feelings about their hip drops.

After a number of sections of set up, exercise and reflect, I end each lesson with a Tah-Dah!

A Tah-Dah, is a way to complete the lesson, to pull the elements together, to give the lesson a “point” or to enjoy the skills the students have learnt in that lesson.

For more details of this formula, please refer to my book “Teaching Belly Dance.”

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