Every belly dance teacher wants to provide fun, educational and stimulating lessons for their students. However, even the best belly dance teacher will have an occasional “off day” – perhaps they have an injury, it was a bad day at work, or maybe there are family issues that need dealing with. On those occasions teaching a dance class can really help lift the mood and remind us all of how much we love belly dance.

Sometimes preparing and teaching a belly dance class can be tough. We have all had at least one of these events happen:

A mild injury, like a trapped nerve or a pulled muscle, that means rest is advisable.

A non-contagious illness, like an allergy or food poisoning, that means you are tired or lethargic.

An emotional rollercoaster, like a house move or relationship break down that leave little brain power for planning an interesting class.

A minor accident, like a bump in the car or a fall that left you shocked, bruised and a little shaken up.

A broken bone, that is healing well, but is not ready for dance class.

On these occasions it is useful to have an adapted lesson available to you that still provides everything your students need, and yet does not add to your injury, illness, or emotional stress.