We published so many amazing classes in 2017, we thought you might like to see them all!

Sole Proprietor or LLC? By DeAnna (FREE)
Accounting Lingo for the Non-Accountant by DeAnna (FREE)
Create Your Own Business Plan with Terri
Business Models: Align Your Class Format with Your Goals with Katayoun
Business Planning for Dancers with Terri
How to Turn Your Dance Hobby into a Dance Business with DeAnna
Running a Successful Dance Studio with Amity
Home Sweet Studio with Lacey
Networking for Introverts with Lisa
How to Make a Great First Impression with Oreet (FREE)
Using Yelp to Find Your Next Hafla Venue with Sara (FREE)

Social Media Marketing: Why Every Teacher Should Have a Pinterest Board by Susan
It’s a Jungle Out There! With Andrea (FREE)
Using Meetup.com with Susan (FREE)
How to Find Your Superpower and Tell the World About It Part 1 with Terri
How to Find Your Superpower and Tell the World About It Part 2 with Terri
Get Listed! With Andalee
Creating Community with Jenn Kasper
Advanced Email Marketing Using Mailchimp with Andalee
Graphic Design Tools for Belly Dancers with Andalee
Promoting Your Business with Online Business Review with Susan
Are You Prepared to Be Lucky? With Andrea
Marketing Yourself to Event Promoters with Andrea
Creating an Outreach Plan on a Budget with Lisa Z.
Social Media for Belly Dancers with Sophia Ravenna
Using Online Tools for Local Belly Dance Communities with Sophia Ravenna
Master Your Belly Dance Marketing with Zana
Social Media Presence: How to Maintain Privacy and Authenticity with Sophia Ravenna
Event Production: Setting Up an Event on Facebook with Sara
Flyer Design with Canva with Dawn
DIY Website in 10 Minutes Tutorial with Angela

How Do You Know You are Ready to Start Teaching? by Katayoun (FREE)
Are you Teaching like a pro or an amateur? with Oreet (FREE)
Secrets of Successful Belly Dance Teachers by Katayoun (FREE)
New to Teaching? Tips to Start off Right with Oreet (FREE)
Currently Teaching? Tips to Stay Successful with Oreet (FREE)
Essential Elements of a Beginner Belly Dance Class with Katayoun (FREE)
What I said when I subbed a Zumba class (and how I made them stay) with Oreet (FREE)
6 Lesson Plans for Teachers who are Ill or Injured with Sara
Bridging into the Fitness World with Oreet
Building Your Business- Moving to Multiple Classes with Sara
How to Keep Your Classes Fresh with Katayoun
Teaching Multi-Level Classes with Katayoun
Teaching Improvisational Skills with Nadira
Teaching Grace with Rosa
Being Authentic with Alia
Retaining Students with Jenn
Creating a Positive Learning Environment with Katayoun (Workshop)
How to Teach Successful Multi-level Classes with Katayoun (Workshop)
How to Teach Dynamic Classes with Katayoun (Workshop)
Curriculum and Lesson Planning for Belly Dance Teachers with Katayoun (Workshop)
How to Teach Bellydance Fitness with Oreet (Workshop)
52 Lesson Plans- and how to write 5,000 more with Sara (Workshop)
Teaching Belly Dance: Closing Down Your Belly Dance Business with Sara (FREE)
Dance Safety and Conditioning with Katayoun (workshop)
I'm Certified or Ready to Teach... Now What? with Oreet (FREE)
Working with Pre and Post-natal Women with Nara (workshop)
Student Performances: Secrets for a Fun and Successful Show with Katayoun
How to Approach a Fitness, Dance and Corporate Facility with Oreet (FREE)
Understanding Learning: Using Learning Styles to Teach Effectively with Nara
Student Performances with Katayoun

You Done Me Wrong: Communicating at a deeper level than a Country Music Song by Carolena (FREE)
Conflict Management for Belly Dancers with Terri
The Critique Contract with Janet and Cat
Navigating a Sea of Personalities in Class with Terri
Communication Skills for On and Off the Stage with Lisa Allred (workshop)

Self Care
10 Tips for Self Care by Kelley (FREE)
The role of gratitude in stress management by Lisa (FREE)
Boundary Tune Up with Terri
Sleep for Belly Dancers with Lisa
Avoiding and Dealing with Burn Out with Lisa A
Dealing with Sexual Harassment with Terri and Lisa

Photography Etiquette for Dancers by Carrie (FREE)
Filming Your Dance: choose the Right Gear with Carrie (FREE)
Poise and Panache with Carrie (FREE)
Basic Digital Photography with Carrie
Professional Video Editing with Tina (Workshop)

Event Production
Event hosts: changing room expectations by Sara (FREE)
Event Resource List: advertising, teaching, vending and attending with Sara (FREE)
Budgeting for your Belly Dance Conference with Terri
The Hostess with the Mostess with Jenn and Susan (Workshop)

Troupe Management
Creating Troupe Guidelines with Lisa
Turn Your Troupe into a Team with Terri
Troupe Costuming with Sara

Ethics for Belly Dancers with Terri Allred
Ethical Concerns for Teachers with Terri

Music Rights
An Introduction to Music Rights for Dancers with Joie (FREE)
Music Rights: Public Performance with Joie (Workshop)

Tips from Treasure- Quick Change with Treasure (FREE)
Tips from the BDBA with Terri (FREE)
Your Guide to Choosing the Right BDBA Courses by Terri (FREE)
Navigating the Ocean of Dance Intensives By Lesley (FREE)
What is Watering Down your WOW? With Lisa
A Psychological Approach to Stage Presence with Lisa A
Activism through Dance with Lisa Z
Dance Structure for Kids with Treasure
Creating Flowered Headpieces with Treasure
Competitions: What's In It for Me? with Andrea
Managing Change with Lisa
Playlist Essentials for Belly Dancers with Kyria (FREE)

Belly Dance Hero Interviews (FREE)